Cuando la vida te regala la oportunidad de estar rodeado de gente tan maravillosa como tod@s vosotr@s hay que aprovecharlo siempre al máximo, de ahí estas convivencias y eventos realizados con todo nuestro cariño e ilusión, porque para mí esto no es un trabajo, sino un sueño hecho realidad, poder ayudaros a cada uno de vosotros con todo lo aprendido en estos últimos años, llenos de dedicación, esfuerzo y perseverancia durante días y noches de trabajo y estudio. Gracias a mi familia por apoyarme en todo, sin vosotros no hubiera sido posible nada de esto.

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  3. I really enjoy reading your articles. This is the information that should be taught in schools! It seems that they make history and civics deliberately boring. Or at the very least, they dry up the context so much that it makes it seem inapplicable to the standards of the day.

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  6. marciomacedo disse:Tão importante como produzir tecnologia é o controle da tecnologia, para que num caso de conflagação como a Guerra das Malvinas, que opôs uma nação de terceiro mundo a um país da Europa, não fiquemos na mão. Com relação ao radar LP-23 em questão é um equipamento velho que foi atualizado com a participação mínima da engenharia nacional. Talvez a discussão que esteja precisando ser feita seja: qual é o modelo de absorção de tecnologia que nos interessa?

  7. Recently I had extensive abdominal surgery that could have caused real problems for me within my Circle. Instead my High Priestess dropped the ritual she had planned and reworked it to become a ritual of healing for me. During my time of recovery my Circle has been very attentive to my needs and physical disability.It does happen…I’m one of the lucky ones to be in such a Circle. I plan to become much more vocal regarding this issue within the Pagan community here in the San Diego area.

  8. cleans & jerks all at 98# – felt great!metcon – 30# – 149 reps. more than most days, i had to remind myself today that “it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.” boy did that work me!

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  11. Right out of uni I had a chance to put my book under Tony Davidson’s nose. He opened it, liked the first campaign and wrote my name down. He then looked through the rest, gave me an empty look and just walked away without a word…Scamp, it would be awesome to see your student book from 94!

  12. The morning commuter train to Waterloo. Seventeen minutes of life. Seventeen minutes to get something down that will – southwest muse willing – engender a poem later. That’s the time-space where ideas, word combinations, and the incongruous come into focus. Those seventeen minutes are life. Life with its pauses, changes of scenery, with people entering and exiting randomly. Life with its eye contacts, observations, couples speaking in intimate ellipses, the person absorbed in book, i-pad or mobile. It is life, it is time, it is universe; and platform 3 in Waterloo is another dimension.

  13. Yo creo, Gaby, que de la oralidad (con el consabido respeto a la diversidad lingüística y los estilos de habla) a la redacción deficiente de quien debería dominarla, hay un gran trecho. Que cada quien hable como quiera, claro está. Pero si vas a publicar no pongas perdistes, por amor de dios (a menos que estés delineando un personaje a partir de su discurso, o algo así muy propositivo).Qué risa con esta entrada, Rodrigo. La gradación del “-istes” casi hizo eco en mi cabeza.

  14. Realmente foi uma boa performance… junto com a apresentação do Canned Heat, acho uma das melhores do festival. O documentário foi dirigido na verade pelo Michael Wadleigh ( que, aparentemente não fez mais nada na vida). O Scorcese fez parte do grupo que editou o filme que foi chefiada por Thelma Schoonmaker. Quem diria que, entre tanta gente desconhecida na equipe estava um dos futuros gênios do cinema. :)

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  16. Love this blog. Not as much as I love myself, and not as much as I love other things as well, but I do!If only it did not make me salivate so…Oh and I know the comment section is not the best place for it, and there might be an answer hidden somewhere deep within the confines of the blog, but I’ll just ask anyway. What brought you to Prague? Work? Woman? Wanton madness?

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  19. Hey,I recently saw you guys play at the Zanzibar in Louisville and really enjoyed the show! I was blown away by the level of energy after having just quickly listened to a few tracks online. I have also enjoyed the Bleeder album I bought but am curious to know if you all have any thoughts or plans on recording a live performance?

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  23. What you’re missing Tom is that the definition of marriage wasn’t being left to the voters, it was being controlled by the legislature and through them by various pressure groups. The voters were the logical ones to have a final political say over the definition, since turning it back to the churches was never going to be allowed by the pols. When was the last time they voluntarily gave up control of anything?

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  25. My Surmon is a winery I always think about when I think Clare Valley. Love these photos you took!Btw, wouldn’t Cardinham Estate be more northerly of Mt Surmon? They are a little further up the road, no?

  26. How come I get the feeling that,the white folks, gonna take all of Michael Jackson's money, I know off topic, but I'm reading you and listening to the news that the executer of the will, is not his momma. It's getting harder and harder to reconize the enemy. D. Lloyd Jezbus.

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  39. All too true of course and for that reason too dificult for a liberal to digest.Twenty years ago I met a Russian who told me that within a generation the West and Russia would have to raise legions to stand on it's frontiers which would have to be fortified and closed. If it did not do so it would eventually be overwhelmed. I see no reason to think he was wrong. But we have no legions and our frontiers are wide open. We cannot survive.

  40. Sylvie, oui ça vaut vraiment le coup, et le coût aussi vu le faible prix des places ! En effet, il y avait du monde, le Zénith était plein. Antoine, c’est très intéressant ce que tu dis sur le revers de Simon. J’ai eu l’impression en le voyant d’un type qui contrôle la partie et qui d’un coup s’emmêle les pinceaux et s’enferme dans une sorte de non-jeu très soporifique. Il a une très bonne longueur de balle, surtout en retour où il a constamment remis dans les pieds de Clément.

  41. Yes, taking photos with long shutter time .. without tripod it’s mostly getting very shaky.I have a mini one somewhere – but then I need something to put that on outside too – If I’m lucky will there be a fens or something that I can rest the camera on. That top photo is stunning …

  42. I like how the story starts with the person writing about their death that day, but gradually it changes into something that appears to be written by the entity that is above their shoulder and saying that you were the one writing the beginning in the first place, making you the person that dies. I like how the change isn’t sudden but gradual, and if you don’t pay attention you miss it. :) Comment by TheEpicMe on November 10, 2012 at 7:35 pm

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  48. Great post! I hear ya about the Hubby's job ruining that crucial fertile time. A similar thing happened to me this month with Hubby's police job playing havoc with his sleep and mood. Boooo! And what you've written about being able to connect with and help others through your blog is wonderful. You now have proof that you're not just doing this as a therapeutic exercise, you are actually helping others. Like me!!

  49. I just finished watching the "Toy Story 3" DVD today and the saddest piece on there was the extra on space travel where they stated there were two ways to reach the ISS, the Russkie Soyuez and now-defunct US space shuttle.As for "you get nothing out of it except boasting to foreigners how great your country is" you will no doubt enjoy "Space Chimps" (2008) which features US space shuttles with ALL references and symbols of the US space program carefully removed.

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  51. Onnik – I can’t accept the point about “thinking again before you interrupt a discussion”, because you just can’t apply the rules of face to face conversation to a blog discussion. In fact I welcome and encourage everyone to intervene and interrupt.All the other points – well – they are your opinion, and you’re welcome to share them, as is everyone else on this blog.PS: I have been able to recover your earlier comment – it seems like Akismet Spam catches comments when people post too many too fast. Sorry for the technical difficulties with that.

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  54. Do we know if more guns equals less crime? This comes from someone who lives in Tennessee where a major battle has been waged the last couple of years to allow guns in bars/restaurants. I’d be curious as to how many readers would be comfortable in a bar/restaurant having someone with a piece strapped to their side sitting at the table next to them. Regardless if they are legal or not you have no idea what their state of mind is. For all you know, they may think Sarah Palin would make a good President.

  55. No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon footprint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.

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  58. Hi Sue! I am very practical – so for me abstract is also difficult. If something doesn’t have a purpose – why do it? But it’s been interesting to explore line and color and to try and tell an emotional story with paint. I want to paint from a deep place, so I had to quiet my thinking/surface mind to work more intuitively. I’m not sure if I will always paint abstractly – but it’s been very helpful to make myself do it.

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  302. You’re welcome, Joy, and I agree that too many Christians have moved away from the foundational truths and have wound up in the sinking sands of religious superficiality and confusion. If the foundations are destroyed, what will the righteous do? (Ps. 11:3) It’s impossible to walk in love without sure footing.

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  330. Good points Eve. The article on Mormonism is surprisingly tame compared to what I was expecting. Of course, it was probably reedited multiple times by conservative Mormons, but at least it does not say we are a cult. Thanks Dan – I also find the writing sophomoric and a bit comical, hence, my point about not being sure if an entry is a joke or not. Your Ben Franklin example is great – it could be a parody on Saturday Night Live…Ben – I gotcha – thanks for the clarification

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  356. Oh, I agree, he should feel the full weight of the law, I am far from sympathetic towards him…he is a pedophile.What troubles me, is the wall of silence in what I consider, a far worse crime, not only by the Muzzbot freaks who raped, drugged, prostituted, beat, threatened & impregnated white underage girls, but from the police, social services & local government of Rotherham, Oldham, Rochdale, Derby, Oxford and every other town and city that these repugnant invaders have given themselves a diversity base to abuse the indigenous population.   28 likes

  357. ^^Je suis vert, vert, vert, je sui vert de colèèèère En tout cas, c’est toujours un plaisir de retrouver les patates. Et tant pis si elles ne sont pas quotidiennes (d’ailleurs, je ne sais pas comment en temps « normal » tu arrives à tenir le rythme, Martin!), c’est normal: on imagine bien que ta vie ne se limite pas aux tubercules…

  358. disse:Hahahaha vale a pena comentar que em 2010 eles introduziram o medley do Street Fighter e na hora da música do Ryu rolou uma luta entre Ryu e Blanka onde a galera ficou gritando "Blanka! Blanka! Blanka!" mas o Blanka perdeu e ficaram vaiando até o fim da música. Não sei como foi ano passado mas esse ano colocaram só vídeos do Blanka ganhando sendo que na maioria o player 2 nem se mexia uhauhauahauh Trolada master da VGL :-p

  359. Én sem rajongok Kingért! Ez megvan bocsátva! :-)Egyébként én minden olyan filmtől tartok,egy kicsit, aminek könyv az alapja. Nem hiszek a kettő közti átjárhatóságban. Nyilván készültek olyan veretes darbok, melyeknek könyv volt az alapja, köztük a kedvenc Mario Puzo: Keresztapája, de ennek ellenére a legtöbb elég ramaty. A Solaris filmen pl sírhatnékom volt. András

  360. Well my friends, hate to leave especially since I have such a good connection, but I’m going to say Goodnight. Mr.sgj went back to N.J. to work and I’m in MD. by myself. Not used to being alone. The dog is here is here with me. Mr. sgj will be back Thursday night.Take care everyone. Goodnight. See you tomorrow. Do you need a passport to go to Chile?? May have to work on that. Mine has expired.

  361. My screenreader didn’t like it enough to let me decipher it, but I hope she included my two favorites:Eve Meyer died in the Canary Islands in 1977 when a Pan Am and a KLM jetliner collided on the runway. She died along with 582 others.Ellen Louise (Star) Stowe was never able to make it big, and was killed by an as-yet-unidentified serial killer in Miami several years ago. She was near forty, if not older, and had a serious drug habit that put her to walking the streets. Lengthy arrest record.

  362. Que bien va esto,y para cerrar bien este año, que bonito es lo bonito después del rock x la vida sólo esto me faltaba GRACIAS!! ALEX Y MÁXIMA por apoyar la buena música está poca madre todo esto.. Los amo c….

  363. I choose to be a mormon woman because I know that there is no other way to raise my child in truth and righteousness. When you are a mormon woman you live your beliefs, and are an example to your children. You don’t just say, you do. Also, I know that we are so blessed to be led by a living prophet,. Thomas S. Monson who helps guide us in these latter days. What could be more comforting than that. I love being a mormon woman.

  364. You’re right, Kevin. I tend to point up Weeden’s faults and defend McCoy because I get so frustrated by all the McCoy bashing I hear, and because the Head coach is actually making up stats to try to prove that McCoy was the whole reason the 2011 had problems and dodge the responsibility that is his as the coach.Weeden and McCoy are both being hurt and their professional development is being handicapped because the Head Coach is doing such a bad job.

  365. Mark – My recommendation is that you ignore people who have nothing to contribute to the conversation except for trash talking and name calling. You can’t reason with them, you’ll never outshout them, so just let them bang on their highchair and shout to themselves. A fire starved of oxygen soon expires.

  366. I found The Christmas Angel last week by accident, what a WONDERFUL idea! We did Christopher Pop-In-Kins last year and I was just so guilty the whole time because my then 3 y/o got so into it and I felt so bad about lying to him. He really thought the elf was real! So finding this angel was such an answer to prayer. I am so excited to have a fun way to show the kids God's love!

  367. , Whites are expected to get to the back of the bus. Largely they have, when times were good and rolling. Now they are not, and Whites are not. Janet Daily at the Daily Telegraph wondered what next (after the Welfare State ran out of money).My answer, nationalism. Not Blut und Boden, but nationalism in its good side (Greatest Generation did not fight to save the Whales or for a Target Ad).


  369. It is so sad that Bob Burns has time to post humoreous content on this blog but can't seem to find the time or back bone to address the terrible treatment of a 12 year girl in a wheel chair at DFW. It would also be nice to hear something from TSA about the treatment of the terminally ill lady which happened months ago. The cases of abuse at the hands of TSA just seem to be getting more common and more and more insulting to the American flying public. I hope you and the rest of TSA's wonderful work force have a Merry Christmas