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  2. I’ve never heard of Shawn Colvin, so I’m going to have to check her out. Sometimes I love hearing a bunch of covers by the same artist. Joan Jett did an album of them several years ago. Confession: I loved the Baz Luhrmann interpretation of Romeo and Juliet.

  3. As a minority who fled his war-torn country as child with nothing but a diaper, but who ended up being academically successful, I’m truly surprised to learn of this so called system.  I had no idea that the US system was designed several hundred years in advance in anticipation of my arrival.

  4. so do we. Most young Russian women viewed prostitution as a reasonable lifestyle in 1990's. I don't know if you have children or nieces, but this is frightening. These bastards want to create a state of slaves. Do achieve their goals, they need a helpless, immoral, and thoughtless population. It exists. I don't want to drown along with them. I will continue to fight.

  5. Great post Harvey – A rant about cukoos AND clocks, Harry Lime would be proud. You missed one point: many of the churches chime the hour TWICE. The second round, about 5 minutes after the first is for the field workers who may have missed the first couple of chimes and don’t know the exact time – we wouldn’t want them being late for lunch would we?Rob.

  6. Merci, le beau Jones !Votre lien faisant référence à l’attaque du taureau, je peux sans trop rougir glisser cette citation à la limite du hors-sujet :« Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian. » — Dennis WholeyTraduction : Attendre du monde qu’il vous traite équitablement parce que vous êtes une bonne personne, c’est comme attendre d’un taureau qu’il ne vous attaque pas parce que vous êtes végétarien.

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  8. YUM! That looks amazing! I love broccoli slaw…it's great to find another recipe to include it in. OMG…that choc. cake on your previous post looks OUTSTANDING. Would you please UPS me on of yours? I couldn't stop myself if I made an entire batch…even if I portion controlled them! :)danaPS would loved to have seen you beneath your yellow umbrella.

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  10. The strong man can live without love. Gasol should remember Lakers paying him 17 mil a year, Lakers organization has nothing to do with his personal life. Kobe and Gasol did not play well, Lakers team missed 15,20 points more from both of them. Phil should let Gasol play only 10 min a game, the guy lost his mind, no way he can help this team to win. If Phil coached every min, every second in game 1 and 2, the result would be much better.

  11. The thought you had “This re-framing or breaking out of habitual thought/attitude patterns, can be the most powerful tool in our stress management toolbox” is a tough one. I use vacation time, so I can get out of my daily habits. Right now I’m house sitting and it’s helping me get out of my morning routines. The new surrounding is stimulating my thought-worms and making them healthy. lol~W

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  13. eu l’occasion de participer de près ou de loin à une dizaine d’affaires d’enlèvements – mais jamais concernant un enfant. Dans tous les cas, on s’interroge sur la famille, l’entourage (je crois que les psys ont un mot pour ça)… Et parfois, il faut le reconnaître, on perd un temps précieux. En raison de l’impression laissée par les premières constatations, l’affaire de la petite Maddie est un contre-exemple.

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  17. à correcteurs : Pierre Paolo Pasolini en effet, mon «lien corrigé» (le 19 juillet 2011 à 10 h 55 min ) propose un joli extrait, entièrement en décor naturel et costumes d’époque avec des vrais morceaux de Maria Callas dedans !

  18. Yes, we do have that hippie reputation here. It is partly true. You see your fair share of bongos, long hair, and “Wild Salmon Don’t Do Drugs” bumper stickers. I’ve known kids named Cedar, Tulip, and Kiva. And you do smell skunk quite a bit (though there are no skunks on the island). But it’s also a retirement area because of the weather, so the older people balance it out.

  19. it was a Marlborough NZ wine, it took me a second or two to get that it was the grape and not the Tuscan town that was being referred to.It's easy to drink though, even without the steak.Best,N

  20. Yea…. This! OR!! I could just fucking watch a video to see how fast it is currently buffering.There is no way in hell these statistics can account for every single aspect of the connection between the client and the host.So the best way is to just watch a video to see how fast it's buffering. To me, this is utterly useless.The only use i can possibly think of is if you're gonna move to another country somewhere, and you want to know what speed youtube is gonna have in that country.But even then, it's still pretty useless information.

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  27. 2:00 pm, June 6, 2012|Ray Bradbury influenced me more than any writer. The man had every right to be stuck up from all the fantastic works he’s done. But, he wasn’t. He loved to meet all of his fans and even went to every Comic Con. If I could pick just one book, I would have to go with “The October Country”. Stories of horror and dark fantasy and even some wonderful poetry and humor. If you haven’t read it, please please do.

  28. Why are only "popstars" with "wholesome" images targeted? Wouldn't there be more to fish among rock bands, who were notoriously libertine with barely legal groupies? If a sideman like The Stones' Bill Wyman is a known example, what about the bigger icons? Stories of Freddie Mercury with young teen boys during their South American tours in the 80s? Or do "macho rockers" get spared because we need them to stay beacons of our heteronormative/heterosexist world order (ironic in Freddie's case of course)?

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  37. God has given us a second chance– you will be a grandmother some day and you will love those grandchildren more than you thought possible and you will want their parents ( your chidren) to treat them perfectly and to forgive all their little whinning etc., but they will be just as tired as you are. Thank you for the reminder we all need. And for your eloquence.

  38. hope you guys have fun and are safe tonight! i think we are going to let the kids walk around the inlaws neighborhood. elise is going to be pinkalicious when she's red from too much pink cupcakes holding her basket of green veggies to turn her back to normal! everett is going as a skateboarder or newsie!

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  40. Gary is great at explaining why we have our current economic crisis, but I am not sure how that has to do with the main subject matter of the movie. I agree with Jerry Brunet. The main purpose of the movie is to give the sleeping American public a better idea of what motivates the president to do what he does. I am not sure a movie that attempts to explain Mr. North's economic points would be as popular, though I believe it is sorely needed.

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  45. I confess that I haven’t read everything in the Gladwell/Sailer exchange, so forgive me if this has already been clarified. Is it correct to say that, in this instance, Gladwell considers Sailer a racist because he asserts that sales staff are consciously discriminating as opposed to unconsciously discriminating against minorities? This might be supportable if it could be construed that by this Sailer denies the possibility of unconscious discrimination, but I see no evidence of that. Does Sailer anywhere say that no one ever makes unfounded judgments based on outward appearances? Doesn’t that,rather, sound something like Gladwell’s thesis in “Blink” that it is often advantageous to go with the initial instant assessment of a situation?

  46. Ihhh hvor er det en fin dragt. Min lille datter er lige startet i vuggestue og sådan en drag ville være helt perfekt til når de skal på tur her i slutningen af efterår og vinteren. Den lille spidse huetop passer godt til hende og hende små runde kinder. Skulle vi være så heldig af vinde, så vil størrelse 86 være god, så har hun plads til at vokse lidt i den og dermed få glæde af den lidt længere.

  47. You don’t seem to understand.States rights arguments have been firmly established as code for racism.Tenth Amendment died decades ago.You’re going to have to come up with arguments that don’t depend on a populace who are educated in History.Nice, friendly, unthreatening, unoffensive, “nice guy”-type arguments.

  48. +1000000, I’m with you bruh, I from the Beach and this shit is gettin wack. First this isn’t the early 90′s I appreciate those days a lot but Pac changed everything in the mid 90′s no more subliminals, either you call a nigga out or don’t say shit. Pusha is nice but he is lookin like a damn bitch, either go at the nigga or shut the fuck up and make records. VA doesn’t appreciate this shit Pusha, man up nigga.

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  50. Modernism The house built on sand has blown away; those on rock have crumbled; giving way for a new generation of modern steel and falsely alloyed plastics. And Reason, the light for the minds of Old, has been championed at last after centuries, though we now can say: Civil cruelty–Steely fortress puffing smoke,Void of heaven’s passion.

  51. I find it unfortunate that creationism is being promoted in this day and age. Evolution and Christianity are compatible. I think endorsing the Discovery Institute is a good way to ensure that the stereotype of superstitious, antiscience Christians remains. I also think Miller’s book, “Finding Darwin’s God,” offers a more reasonable perspective.

  52. before, fiction isn’t always classified as fiction. By definition, the word describes the stories about imaginary creatures and events that didn’t take place that your religion is based off of. And, do you honestly think, after all this time, that actually care about the grace of some creature I do not believe in? You sound exactly the same as if you had said you haven’t experienced the grace of Count Rabies von Chocomeister.

  53. I must disagree with Therese about the money-makingschemes since it hasn’t been proven. TorontonianSo do you think that Chelsea Road productions was an insider money making schemes that only benefited those who were connected by family to David Mainse?

  54. J’ai une petite question qui s’approche plus ou moins du sujet (concernant la limitation de vente aux mineurs).Dans le cadre de magazines pour adulte, est-ce qu’un buraliste à le droit de refuser de vendre un magazine à un jeune ? Peut-il lui demander sa carte d’identité ? Doit-il le faire comme pour la vente d’alcool ?

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  56. Merci pour votre commentaire consistant, avec un éclairage d’ergonome. Concernant le lien "pour en savoir plus", c’était tout un point de réflexion, le problème étant qu’il n’y a pas véritablement une "suite" aux articles, mais des liens vers des documents variables. D’où la difficulté. Mais il est tout à fait exact de dire que le "pour en avoir plus" reste un peu imprécis et peu prédictible.

  57. The cfr/trilateral comission/bilterberg want one world government. They must eliminate the free minded western middle class to get it. The ruling elite of the US cfr including John D. Rockefeller and Prescott Bush supported Hitler and eugenics up to WWII. Don't be surprised by their continuing amoral business and political empire building today. Patriotic parties representing middle class indigenous voters must emerge to stop this one sorld government madness.

  58. Auguroni Luca, e riguardo l'età posso dirti che sia come mente che come aspetto fisico (almeno a giudicare dalle foto) sei molto ma molto più giovane di tanti trentenni.Cento di questi post :-)

  59. Actually, SD78 never called us. I called them a couple times this morning, but no answer. They also didn’t have anything posted on their website this morning. I would love to have gotten that information to you. Hopefully they will communicate with us the next time there is a snow event.

  60. I marched on the 20th and it got very little coverage. The fact is our media is run by the government and is totally undemocratic. We fool ourselves into thinking they would report anything other than the lies that suit their purpose.

  61. Wow. I would have reported his crazy behind and let him continue sending stupid -ish so the evidence would pile up. Cyber bullying police are no joke. They’ll get that ass. But I wouldn’t have given him the satisfaction of making posts about him. Girl, you know how serial killers like to see their names in the papers…

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  65. Ok FN I'm with you on the agenda of News Corp.,but the question begs to be asked:When will we be just as outrage with the crime that is out of control in most urban centers that we live in?I can't fight Roger and his crew if I'm also fighting another unecessary war with supposedly my own folk!And this not coming from some rightwing black conservative point of view.This is real for million of moms and grandmas who can't sit on their stoop,because skippy and ray-ray are fighting and shooting over a corner to sell drugs!

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  67. I never got why everyone is so stoked on The Misfits. I tried to check out their music (from the early days to the later Danzig stuff)and it just didn't do anything for me. The image is whatever…they sell a lot of merch though, probably to a lot of people that never even heard them. Glenn seems like an ego-inflated, rock star prick and seeing that video of him getting knocked out was fun! I'll pass on the whole Misfits/Danzig thing. Just not my cup o tea.

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  72. Yeah, when I can convince myself to hike or walk or anything like that, my emotional health is better as is my physical health. Maybe I need to put matches in my shoes to get me moving! Good luck figuring out that you are worth it; I believe that’s the only permanent motivation. But don’t know how to get to that feeling.

  73. that He watches over His word to perform it). I saw the proof of this at Lifestock. Hundreds of people including complete families (moms, dads, kids, grandparents, aunts, etc.), singles, and handicapped (mentally and physically), adults and children were baptized. Now, that is the fruit of the Word and Spirit of God. His Word never returns void – prepared in advance or impromptu by the Spirit.

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  75. So people should keep quiet and endure the pain when their institution decides to deduct thrice the published amount of Tax monthly…….. BTW, it is not PAYE, its PITA , a newly introduced type of tax.

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  77. There’s really only one thing that I insist on when exiting the stage after a worship service. No autographs! Please people, leave me alone. I just want a towel to wipe the dew of heaven from my brow and some ice col, sanctified, bottled water from the Holy Land. That’s all I want. And I think the M&Ms thing goes without saying.

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  80. I ride past that Woodinville site every day on my bike commute. One thing you can’t tell from the photo is that the apartments along the bike trail that were there before this project began (and fully occupied) were converted into “luxury apartments” that appear to be at least 50% vacant. Other than that conversion and the initial clearing of the lots I don’t think anything’s been done on the project. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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