1. , I really don’t think the hardcore are suddenly going to flock to tablets and whatnot. They’ll demand the absolute best, but I’m wondering if we’ll be forced to become PC gamers, etc. I really love posting articles like this because in another five years it’s fun to come back and see if the industry headed in one direction or something else completely.

  2. Hey Linda,Yes any job that involves writing is a joy! I’ve learned a huge amount about writing from working as an editor and teacher so it’s all part of the journey.When it comes right down to it, the absurd challenges of writing are what attract me to it!

  3. Just goes to show that throwing money at education can have limited benefits. In the small towns and rural areas in Iowa around where I grew up, many students went to buildings that were 70-100 years old. Yet Iowa has among the best-performing K-12 students in the country. No school police, either.

  4. This is the most comprehensive info I’ve seen, yet, about Facebook. Well done!One thing I don’t see on the Page that I’m managing is an ‘Info’ tab. I want to see who my customer has liked previous to me taking over as admin. Is that an app, or something I have to enable, or am I just looking in the wrong spot?Any direction would be appreciated.thxBonnie

  5. Strange As This Weather Has Been is another great WV book dealing with the direct and indirect impact of mountain top removal mining. And a great book on its own! Super strong female protagonists. The Evening Hour is definitely on my TBR list now

  6.  »Pourtant, les informations collectées par Mike Ruppert sont basées sur des sources fiables aussi bien que sur des investigations personnelles qui n’attendent qu’une chose : qu’un jury s’y intéresse. »…qui n’attendent qu’une chose : qu’un jury s’y intéresse.Ce bout de phrase me jette à terre.

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  11. Tbh i agree with you all i think they should of just made a fake one and put it in the musem so you could see what he looks like but not the real thing ! and i reallyy want to find out more so thinking about travelling to Japan to find out more i would like there to be more information on this amazing and incrediable dog.

  12. I also found this to be very Silent Hill inspired as well. Especially due to the little girl with the dual personalities; one you fear and one you feel sympathetic for and the main character and seeing all his loses. On top of that, the whole setting to this pasta was also reminiscent of Silent Hill with all the gruesome sights in this sort of parallel world. Spikes coming out of the ground, creatures grabbing him and not being able to leave all add to that uneasy feeling. Lovely job. I ate it all up! Comment by LittleSister on August 17, 2011 at 11:52 pm

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  14. I'm from Mysore too and right now, after reading this post, I feel like drinking coffee, though not a regular coffee drinker. I haven't risked drinkng it anywhere else. But being a native of South Canara, it irritates me a bit, every time I see Udupi spelt as Udipi.

  15. realisti reijo: onko sulla jotain faktaa esittää väitteidesi tueksi? Totuus luomusta suuntaan tai toiseen kiinnostaa minua, tuntuu vain että vastustajien argumentit ovat mielikuvien varassa. Jos siis pystyt vinkkaamaan johonkin tutkimukseen tai mihin vaan joka tukee kantaasi, niin olisin erittäin kiinnostunut! Muussa tapauksessa suosittelen ottamaan asioista selvää ennen tietäväisten mielipiteiden laukomista…

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  18. Le dérapage était prévisible, on n’agite pas de l’argent devant le nez des gens alors qu’on est en pleine crise…Sinon la seconde vidéo n’est pas du tout canadienne, c’est un extrait de TechtocTV qui est une Web TV Française dont les studios sont installés en région Parisienne.

  19. Posted on January 27, 2011 by I try to keep both sides of any arguement in view but it is difficult if it is something one has a passion about – i am sure feeling are unintentional hurt sometimes when I write – I worry for the children I see on facebook at how hoplesly open they are – so unaware or ‘it won’t happen to me’ about their lives.Like most things in life speaking boldly from the heart, with passion and conviction is good in moderation – fingers crossed!!!

  20. I used to wear fake lashes all the time- O loved the OTT glittery ones for clubbing and so forth. I still wear them now and then, you've reminded me I have a couple of pairs – I might well crack them out next time I'm off on a jaunt!As for the hangover- you don't have a hangover face. I have a hangover face so shameful I cannot post it or it might scare people! Pimms (and cider, and beer) last night! Oops.

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  24. I enjoyed his movies right up until Lady in the Water. The Village was controversial, but I thought it was nicely done, a story about the lengths parents will go to protect their children, even doing something as insane as tricking them into thinking they’re living 100 years in the past. Lady in the Water just made no sense to me, and I remember reading articles about how the producers were trying to tell him that. I don’t know how it was made, but I think it knocked his ego back a little bit, so maybe The Happening will be a return to great storytelling.Adam’s last blog post..

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  32. No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon footprint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.

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  45. Barb. Sorry trine, your time is up. The ‘solution’ is coming through whether the ‘left’ like it or not.Yours is a corrupt ideology based on lies and deceit to its very core. You are nothing but a pawn. A fool. A ‘useful idiot’, in your masters own words.Neo-totalitarianism is dead. Freedom will prevail.You’re just caught on the wrong side of history trine. Shit happens.

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  56. That;s not even the down-payment for a car. By the way, the only proven crime committed here is the one made by Ruperti and his Assistant, taping someone without his consent and then releasing the video. BTW Ruperti’s wife, who was part of the plot, is former actress Anastasia Mazzone who is the President of Canal I. Until now Calderas is just criminally naive.

  57. No I dont believe you do, but the wild tales that these people tell this sounded just like one of them. The people who got cars with the promise they were going to get paiud back for them are wondering what is going on because empty promises are occuring and people are leaving in droves.You dont have top people leaving with 50,000 people under them to start over with a new company because they are making too much with FHTM right? DSA will tell you they are not members and to not do business.

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  65. Selfishly, I would love to get more than one email a day with ADR wisdom, but please do what you feel comfortable doing. Perhaps Revisit how you felt the month you “took off” and ask yourself if you really want to be posting more than once. It sounds like a commitment even if the posts are short, but I am not a blogger, so I am not sure exactly how much time/energy is needed. Thank you for always sharing with us!

  66. I’ve got news for you, White Hat. I am a subscriber to this blog and have been for about two years, and I am listening/reading. What I see is someone who adds to my reading experience and whose opinions I find valuable, just like Feltbot’s. Steve has always been generous enough to take the time to post links for our education, about basketball and other topics as well. Steve, maybe it’s time to break out another great music video or the adorable blonde vocabulary lady again. Funny how nobody complains when you post links to her vocabular lessons…

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